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By: Conor 8. September 2014 10:09
Redwind 1986


Redwind Software was first imagined back in 1986 in Dublin, Ireland when founders and childhood friends Conor Winders (4) and David McMahon (4) began planning their first mobile app. A visionary, well ahead of his time, David had an idea for a movie trivia game that anyone could enjoy from any place, that they could carry with them on their phones. Unfortunately, the technology of the time was simply not advanced enough for David and Conor to create this game, tentatively titled "The Greatest Movie Trivia Quiz Game In The World, Ever - Powered by David and Conor's Quiz making engine". However, inspired by David's flaming red hair and Conor's surname the idea of Redwind Software was born.


  • 1989 - Conor and David enter Primary School in St. Vincent's CBS Glasnevin. Here they learn maths and art, two subjects that would later form the basis for many apps.
  • 1990 - David and Conor learn tin-whistle, performing Frère Jacques to a standard their teacher describes as prodigious.
  • 1991 - Conor is barred from a school trip for calling a teacher a liar.
  • 1992 - David completes "Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge" having neither bought the game nor been old enough to play it.
  • 1993 - The Eircell mobile network launches in Ireland, beginning to popularise mobile telephony.
  • 1995 - Nailing their entrance exams, Conor and David graduate from Primary School to join St. Vincent's CBS Secondary (High) School in Glasnevin, Dublin.
  • 1996 - Conor and David learn guitar, taught by Bill Shanley. They go on to form an experimental rock band known as Private Property.
  • 1997 - The first "Pay as you go" phones are released in Ireland. Snake is released for Nokia phones.
  • 1999 - As the 2nd and 4th speakers on the school debating team, Conor and David excel, bringing St. Vincent's unprecedented glory and national attention. One debate ends with the team literally being chased out of Muckross Park girls school, as riled up teenage girls scream and kick their cars as they hurriedly leave/escape.
  • 2001 - Conor and David graduate from High School and head to Dublin City University to continue their education. Conor chooses Computer Applications, David chooses Multimedia
  • 2002 - Conor and David travel to New York on a J1 visa. Conor purchases his first ever iPod. David purchases an Archos media player. Both purchase knock off watches on Canal Street.
  • 2003 - David gigs as lead guitarist in a Knickelback/Bruce Springsteen tribute band.
  • 2005 - Graduate from University. Conor refuses to attend the ceremony, calling it "a sham".
  • 2006 - David watches every movie ever made.
  • 2007 - Apple release the iPhone.
  • 2008 - Apple announce the App Store and the iPhone SDK.
  • 2008 - Redwind is official incorporated and Movie Challenge is released to universal acclaim.
  • ~ present - Redwind produces over 150 apps, working with the biggest brands in the world and continuing to release original products.


#pingpong @ Redwind Software

By: Conor 26. August 2014 17:45
Sure isn't everyone mad for the timelapses these days...


Every day from 18:00 - 18:30 we'll record the most amazing display of table tennis skills this side of the Liffey. Or any side of the Liffey really.



Powered by the awesome folks at @evrcm & AsTimeGoesBy


NSObject has some "new" properties in iOS 8

By: Conor 20. August 2014 11:38
I can't take the credit for finding this, that belongs to @booranger, but he's fierce blog-shy so I'll post it 😃


While updating some existing apps to ensure they run all lovely on iOS 8 we happened across a nice infinite recursion issue in some of our internal library code.




dictionary, description, dictionary, description, dictionary, description, dictionary, description, dictionary, description, dictionary, description, dictionary, description, dictionary, description, ASPLODE, KABOOM, CRASH!!!!


Bit of background…

RWSSerializationObject is a parent class that most of our model classes inherit from. It has some convenient stuff on it like being able to create and save itself to and from NSDictionary/JSON/SQLite and so on. One of the tricks it uses is Objective-C's runtime ability to inspect classes with class_copyPropertyList. In a nutshell, we recursively traverse the property tree of an object until we reach the top. Encounter something easy like a string, number, etc and we just store it a key/value pair. Encounter something more complex like another RWSSerializationObject and we perform the same trick on it. Result is we end up with the complete model in an NSDictionary.


New properties

Logging out the properties on our object produced different results on iOS 7 and iOS 8.


Properties iOS 7 Properties iOS 8


Straight away we can see that there are more properties on iOS 8 for some reason. But what are they…




But those aren't properties you scream, we all scream… They are methods… everyone knows that. So why are they appearing as properties all of a sudden.


The big reveal

In iOS 8 they've been promoted/demoted to methods…





If you are using class_copyPropertyList you may want to check that your app doesn't blow up on iOS 8 because of these "new" properties.



UIPageControl doesn't like big numbers of pages, or how Reveal makes debugging awkward issues a piece of Cáca Milis

By: Conor 9. March 2014 20:55
So there's been a bug in the JOE.ie and Her.ie iOS apps for a while now that was originally raised back in October. You know the sort of bug that you just kinda ignore for a while and hope it'll go away or you'll magically fix it by fixing something else?


Bug report


To reproduce:

  • Launch app
  • Select any category
  • Scroll waaaaaay down until you reach articles in the 100's or 200's
  • Tap any article to open - the app will visibly stall for about 10 seconds before article opens


It's kind of edge-ish to be honest. It requires scrolling through hundreds of articles to reproduce. It's also a fucker to try and replicate and debug. Change a line of code, scroll for 5 minutes, no it's still broken. Change that line of code back, change a different one and repeat... What developer wants to do that? What developer even thinks about that, the app works grand under normal usage. But sure isn't that why we have wonderful QA people, to do weird shit with our apps? Oh the weird shit they do. Anyways...




HTML5 Game Developer

By: Conor 4. February 2014 21:00


Another Year Over

By: Conor 22. December 2013 13:11
Merry Christmas


2013 was another smashing year @ Redwind. It's hard to believe how much we have grown and all we have achieved in just a few short years and 2013 continued that trend. We've doubled our team, outgrown a 3rd office in as many years and logged more hours in Mario Kart than the entire Nintendo development team combined. More...


UIMotionEffects for Dummies

By: Conor 5. October 2013 13:30
The Hippy Hippy Shake 70X50cm digital print 2008


Things I don't heart!

You know what I hate? I hate superfluous code, I hate repetitive code and I hate needing to write and remember blocks of code for something that should really be a simple one liner. During weekly code reviews at @redwindsoft I constantly try to drive home the need for simplicity and easy to understand code.


Things I heart!

I fucking heart Objective-C categories.




A year in the face of Redwind

By: Conor 25. April 2013 16:42

An amazing, behind the scenes exclusive look inside the @redwindsoft studio… with bonus @conorwinders face in every frame.



Jobs jobs jobs jobs

By: Conor 11. March 2013 12:28




What was your first thought when you saw the snow this morning?


Was it
Oh baby, I might be able to get off work and extend this glorious weekend by one more day to avoid the drudgery of my current unsatisfying, unrewarding job.
Was it
I wish my job was as beautiful as the snowy peaks atop the Wicklow mountains.
If you answered yes to either of those questions you should definitely read on.




UPDATED: Programming Intern Required

By: Conor 8. January 2013 14:35
Update 27th January 2012: This position has now been filled.


Are you a 3rd level student with a passion for software, games, apps, web? Are you looking for an internship this year?


Have you ever enjoyed or wanted to enjoy a delicious cold bottle of Magic Hat #9?


Magic Hat #9


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If you answered yes to the above questions then we'd love to hear from you.