Tools Of The Trade

By: Conor 25. September 2011 15:39
New iMacs jpg large

Yesterday I tweeted a total of 12 tweets (excluding retweets). One of them was this

  • Xcode
  • BetaBuilder
  • Base
  • Navicat for SQL Server
  • Pixelmator
  • Versions
  • Transmit
  • TextWrangler (reluctantly)
That's how I get shit done.

Followed up a few minutes later by

  • Twitter
That's how I don't get shit done.

So, as I sit down this morning to work on Project Kraven The Hunter and find myself considering all the other things I could do instead this subject seems like it is probably worth a blog post. The hardware and software that I use the most in terms of my working life.

WARNING: This is extremely long (That's what she said) and there are no pictures.



1 New Trivia Engine, 2 New Games, 509 Questions, 100 Promo Codes and a whole load of waffle

By: Conor 14. September 2011 19:01

John Mayer U2 Simquizitor Load

It's no secret that we here at Redwind like our music. It's certainly no secret that one or two of us have a somewhat unnatural obsession with John Mayer.

With a core business that involves creating the best trivia apps to be found in the iTunes App Store it really was only a matter of time.

Presenting John Mayer Challenge (and U2 Challenge) powered by the Simquizitor Engine…