Last Friday Night

By: Conor 30. March 2012 20:37

Kinect Tennis, after hours at Redwind

Two weeks in a row, does this make it a tradition?

Not sure what's the best part, my dancing, Nibbles' dancing, my avatar's dancing or Nibbles' avatar's dancing?

You be the judge



Your office needs a camera

By: David 23. March 2012 23:03

After hours at Redwind Software. Courtesy of


Push-It! A game for Apple TV

By: Conor 19. March 2012 21:45

Do you want to play games on your Apple TV?



Of course you do. Well the good news is your friends at Redwind are only dying to make that a reality for you. And no this doesn't require any "jail-breaking" or hacking or other messing around with your Apple TV, this is straight up, honest to goodness out of the box, big screen iOS gaming.


Ah, push it
Ah, push it



Here, have a copy of Name That Movie™ on us.

By: Conor 3. March 2012 18:31

It has come to our attention that some of you have yet to purchase Name That Movie™

Firstly, shame on you, it's only 99 cents and all proceeds go to a good cause*

Secondly, you can grab a free copy below if you are really quick - there's only 20 codes.