UIPageControl doesn't like big numbers of pages, or how Reveal makes debugging awkward issues a piece of Cáca Milis

By: Conor 9. March 2014 20:55
So there's been a bug in the JOE.ie and Her.ie iOS apps for a while now that was originally raised back in October. You know the sort of bug that you just kinda ignore for a while and hope it'll go away or you'll magically fix it by fixing something else?


Bug report


To reproduce:

  • Launch app
  • Select any category
  • Scroll waaaaaay down until you reach articles in the 100's or 200's
  • Tap any article to open - the app will visibly stall for about 10 seconds before article opens


It's kind of edge-ish to be honest. It requires scrolling through hundreds of articles to reproduce. It's also a fucker to try and replicate and debug. Change a line of code, scroll for 5 minutes, no it's still broken. Change that line of code back, change a different one and repeat... What developer wants to do that? What developer even thinks about that, the app works grand under normal usage. But sure isn't that why we have wonderful QA people, to do weird shit with our apps? Oh the weird shit they do. Anyways...