Oscars® AppleTV Competition!

By: David 2. February 2011 15:46

It's that time of year again. The nominations for this years Academy Awards® have been announced and awards season is well under way. Will Fincher's Facebook movie dominate? Will hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco top last years duo of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin? Will Christian Bale's crazy dieting finally be recognized by the Academy? Will the years best movie, Inception, win anything!?

If you think you have all the answers, then Redwind Software's Oscars® Competition could be just the thing for you. Making this season of glitz and glamour even more fun, we're giving away a brand new AppleTV to one lucky winner, who predicts the most correct winners at this years Awards via our app, "Awards Guide: The Oscars®".



This year we've updated our Oscars® app with brand new Retina graphics, full iPad support, and up-to-the-minute content updates, continuing to make it the definitive app for all things Oscar®. And best of all, it's still FREE! So, to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is download the app, and pick your Oscar® winners from the lists of nominees in the Predictions section. It couldn't be simpler! The person who gets the most predictions correct wins an AppleTV.




And for those of you who prefer a more 'alternative' awards season, check out, "Awards Guide: The Razzies", the definitive app for everything you need to know about Hollywood's biggest losers! The person who predicts the most Razzie 'winners' will receive a 'mystery prize'!




The Great Pizza and Turbo Button Swindle

By: Conor 21. January 2011 15:47

In conversation yesterday, David and I came up with a whole series of blog posts that we plan on putting together over the coming weeks and months. The idea of these posts will be to give you all a little bit more background on us as people, aswell as the company. As corny as it sounds, where we've come from, where we are going.


A little known fact is that David and I have been friends since we were 3 (as of right now, that’s about 25 years). We grew up on the same road in Glasnevin and really were introduced to games and computers at much the same time. What was great was that in David’s house you could always find the latest and greatest in computer technology. 



One name-tag to rule them all...

By: David 7. January 2011 12:10

So, after giving away two iPod nanos over Christmas we decided we'd do a quick post about the wonderful iPod nano name-tags that were seen (and admired) being worn by us at the recent Appy Awards.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the name-tag in action.



So, by now you're wondering, 'how can I have a name-tag as cool as that!?'. Well, it's pretty simple, so here's a step by step how-to:

1. Get some high-res images of your company logo, name, details and whatever else you'd like to display
2. Throw them into their own Event/Album in iPhoto
3. Sync that Event/Album to your iPod nano
4. Go to Settings on the nano
5. Set your brightness good and bright for maximum visibilty
6. In Photos Settings, set Repeat to "On", Transition to "Origami", and time per slide to about 5 seconds (or whatever setting work best for you)
7. Go to "Photos" and press play to start a slideshow of the Event/Album containing the images
8. Clip to your shirt/jacket pocket
9. Be the person in the room with the coolest name-tag ever!

So it's that simple to be that cool. But be warned, battery life doesn't last for very long so make sure to use at the most opportune time for maximum impact.



Nano nano winners!

By: Conor 26. December 2010 21:07

... and so it is, just like we said it would be


After much deliberation we have chosen two winners for our iPod nano competition.


For a while it looked as though we would get zero entries. Then for a little while it looked like we would get 1 entry. Eventually though, the entries started flowing in via Facebook & Twitter and it was a pretty tricky decision in the end.


We had a lot of fun with this competition (even if in the early days we were worried about zero entries) and we will 100% be running more in the future so if you didn't win this time, hard luck and thanks for playing, better luck next time :) If you didn't enter this time, get the finger out next time!


So without further ado - here are our two winners, in no particular order :)


From @nfjkerr on Twitter we have a very very cool photo involving an iPhone and an iPad! This sparked a lot of debate in the pub on Christmas Eve as to exactly how the speech bubbles were incorporated but everyone agreed it was worthy of an iPod nano!

(Click on any image to view enlarge to original size)

(Click on any image to view enlarge to original size) 




One of the questions/complaints people had about the competition was that you needed an iPhone or iPod touch to enter. @SirFistycuffs faced this problem himself and then kicked the shit out of it with an ingenious photo involving a fake iPhone. How could this not win a nano!?



So that's the two winners. However there really was some other fantastic entries received and it was a very very tough decision in the end. Click on through to have a look at the other entries.



Want to win a free (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano?

By: Conor 16. December 2010 17:43

Oh my! What lovely eyes you have!

To the tune of "We Three Kings of Orient Are":

We the developers of Redwind Software
Bearing iPod nanos we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain
Dreaming of success in the App Store

O Star of Facebook, star of Twitter
We offer a prize to make your Christmas glitter
Westward leading, is anyone still reading?
Find out below how to be a winner



The Cream. What I Listen To.

By: Conor 14. December 2010 12:51

Things are winding down for Christmas here at Redwind and for the first time in a long long time I found myself genuinely asking the question "What will I do today?". Sure there's been days when we haven't been overly busy or days when we've been on the beer till 6 or 7 in the morning and the only thing we are capable of doing is sleeping. But today is different, it's genuinely not busy and I think we all deserve a nice relaxed few weeks before kicking into what is going to be a big big year for us.

So back to the point, wondering what to do I considered the multitude of blog posts I've written in my head this last 2 years. But most of them are very programming and app centric and to be honest today I don't want to think about that. Instead I'll give a quickish insight into probably my biggest passion, music and listening to it. Straight from my iTunes "The Cream" playlist, below is my 20 most listened to songs with a five star rating. I'll include my playcount too because that's the sort of information I love seeing! It's a little bit indulgent but after all I am the person who insisted on creating two apps (#nowplaying & Now Playing!) just so I could easily post what I was listening to on Twitter and Facebook.




"AlphaBattle" for iOS. Redesign & Re-imagine

By: Conor 19. November 2010 11:57

The idea is clever and the gameplay challenging. All in all, this is a game with an excellent idea and good bones. Unfortunately, the actual execution does not live up to the promise.

AlphaBattle: Word fun requiring GUI tweaks

from TUAW


Alpha Battle Splash screenThe 15th of October 2009 we released AlphaBattle for the iPhone and iPod touch.It was a pretty exciting release for us, our first real departure from trivia games and our Inquizitor Engine.


About 3 weeks beforehand we had one of our traditional Redwind brainstorming sessions in The Ivy House and came up with the basic concept of a word game that would combine elements of Scrabble and Tetris and best of all would be called "AlphaBattle". Vowels would appear on the screen from the top, consonants from the bottom and there would be a "deathzone" in the middle where if the letters collided they would become unplayable. Throw in some power-ups and special letters and boom, we were sure this game was going to be big. Back then and even a little bit now I believed it was our best game, far outshining anything else we had done to date.


This is the story of AlphaBattle so far, but more importantly how we want you to help us with the next chapter.  More...


Hello World Wide Webs

By: Conor 16. November 2010 11:17
After spending a lot of the last 2 years threatening to create a blog we've finally done it!

Welcome to the Redwind Software Blog. 

We are an Irish owned multi-award winning mobile development studio with some 35 (and counting) apps already under our collective belt. Our primary focus is on iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & hopefully soon TV) but we are also actively working with Android & Windows Phone 7 whilst dabbling a little in webOS.


Redwind was founded in 2008 and our first release came in November of that year. We are responsible for games such as Movie Challenge, Music Challenge & AlphaBattle. Our Inquizitor game engine powers some of the most popular and certainly most polished trivia games available in iTunes, including The Official Elvis® Challenge. If you like beer why not sample one or more of the delightfully full flavored Heineken® branded apps released in the US iTunes and Android markets via Redwind. Cheers, Sláinte, Mazel Tov, etc!


From Dublin, on Lead Vocals/Chief Technical Officer duties is me, Conor Winders. Also calling Dublin his home, tearing up the Lead Guitar/Creative Director position is David McMahon. Bringing much height and handsomeness to our offerings is our man in L.A. Terry Winders, Jnr. (Look out for him on MTV's The Hills). Beyond that we have some brilliant, sparkling people working for and with us in New York and right here in Dublin. We hope to make some exciting announcements soon about our plans to grow our team even further.


We'd also like to give a quick shout out to a really fantastic web team Ask-E who helped us put this blog, our website and corporate identity together.


Over the coming weeks, months and years we' ll be updating this blog with magical, informative postings on who we are, what we do and what we love. (These are not mutually exclusive). 


You can also find us on the tweet machine by going to @RedwindSoft or if Facebook is your thing you can also catch up with us there: RedwindSoftware


Believe me, we are looking forward to this every bit as much as you are :)