5 Awesome Tools for Mobile App Designers

By: David 3. August 2012 10:47
Skala View/Preview Sick of saving your designs and emailing them to yourself to view on your iOS devices? Skala Preview (MAS €3.99) and the accompanying iOS app, Skala View (Free) allow you to view pixel perfect, colour perfect previews of your designs in real time on your iOS devices. Skala works perfectly with Photoshop etc. letting you see changes as you make them, and even works on multiple devices at once. Great app, particularly when working with designs for Retina devices, the ability to... [More]


Retina iPad Wallpapers

By: Conor 22. May 2012 10:36
So you just got a The New iPad or maybe you just won one from your wonderful friends at @redwindsoft     If you are anything like me you have spent a fair whack of time on the googlemachine trying to find fancy retina wallpapers to show off the glorious screen of your The New iPad. However, the sad reality is you probably have more chance of finding content on Google+ than finding something you'd be happy to adorn your The New iPad's home screen and lock screen with.   Well searc... [More]


From AlphaBattle to San Serif Resort

By: Conor 11. May 2011 17:01
Available from the iOS App Store - AlphaBattle is a retelling of the classic tale - the fight between Turquoise Vowels and Red Consonants. It is also apparently not very good. On the 19th of November 2011 we published a blog post seeking out two brave souls to join our band of thieves in ripped up jeans and help AlphaBattle rule the world. More...