UPDATED: Programming Intern Required

By: Conor 8. January 2013 14:35
Update 27th January 2012: This position has now been filled.   Are you a 3rd level student with a passion for software, games, apps, web? Are you looking for an internship this year?   Have you ever enjoyed or wanted to enjoy a delicious cold bottle of Magic Hat #9?     Redwind Software / Magic Hat #9   If you answered yes to the above questions then we'd love to hear from you.   More...


Want a job? We're hiring a Junior Developer

By: Conor 26. February 2012 19:35
Want to work in an "office" above a bar? More...

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A JobBridge position and our position on JobBridge

By: Conor 26. February 2012 19:30
For information about what JobBridge is, take a look at the official website. The basic idea is that companies can take on interns via the scheme at no cost to the company. The intern must be somebody who is currently claiming social welfare entitlements. In addition to their welfare payments the intern receives an extra €50 per week. This €50 is paid by the JobBridge scheme, not the company. OMG, you bastards! You should be ashamed. This can't be serious. Blah blah… ... [More]


"AlphaBattle" for iOS. Redesign & Re-imagine

By: Conor 19. November 2010 11:57
The idea is clever and the gameplay challenging. All in all, this is a game with an excellent idea and good bones. Unfortunately, the actual execution does not live up to the promise. AlphaBattle: Word fun requiring GUI tweaks from TUAW   The 15th of October 2009 we released AlphaBattle for the iPhone and iPod touch.It was a pretty exciting release for us, our first real departure from trivia games and our Inquizitor Engine.   About 3 weeks beforehand we had one of our t... [More]