Here, have a copy of Name That Movie™ on us.

By: Conor 3. March 2012 18:31
It has come to our attention that some of you have yet to purchase Name That Movie™ Firstly, shame on you, it's only 99 cents and all proceeds go to a good cause* Secondly, you can grab a free copy below if you are really quick - there's only 20 codes. More...


Happy Hallowe'en

By: Conor 31. October 2011 14:42
So it's the 31st of October and all around the world people are dressing up in funny, silly and scary costumes to go get drunk and/or pester their neighbors for sweets and tasty treats in exchange for not throwing eggs at their house. If you are in Dublin, be sure to drop by the Redwind Software HQ for all sorts of goodies that we have got in just for the occasion. However, as we realize the vast majority of you are not in Dublin we figured we would give you some even more delightful downloadab... [More]

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1 New Trivia Engine, 2 New Games, 509 Questions, 100 Promo Codes and a whole load of waffle

By: Conor 14. September 2011 19:01
It's no secret that we here at Redwind like our music. It's certainly no secret that one or two of us have a somewhat unnatural obsession with John Mayer. With a core business that involves creating the best trivia apps to be found in the iTunes App Store it really was only a matter of time. Presenting John Mayer Challenge (and U2 Challenge) powered by the Simquizitor Engine… More...