A JobBridge position and our position on JobBridge

By: Conor 26. February 2012 19:30
For information about what JobBridge is, take a look at the official website. The basic idea is that companies can take on interns via the scheme at no cost to the company. The intern must be somebody who is currently claiming social welfare entitlements. In addition to their welfare payments the intern receives an extra €50 per week. This €50 is paid by the JobBridge scheme, not the company. OMG, you bastards! You should be ashamed. This can't be serious. Blah blah… ... [More]


Tools Of The Trade

By: Conor 25. September 2011 15:39
Yesterday I tweeted a total of 12 tweets (excluding retweets). One of them was this Xcode BetaBuilder Base Navicat for SQL Server Pixelmator Versions Transmit TextWrangler (reluctantly) That's how I get shit done. Followed up a few minutes later by Twitter That's how I don't get shit done. So, as I sit down this morning to work on Project Kraven The Hunter and find myself considering all the other things I could do instead this subject seems like it is pr... [More]


1 New Trivia Engine, 2 New Games, 509 Questions, 100 Promo Codes and a whole load of waffle

By: Conor 14. September 2011 19:01
It's no secret that we here at Redwind like our music. It's certainly no secret that one or two of us have a somewhat unnatural obsession with John Mayer. With a core business that involves creating the best trivia apps to be found in the iTunes App Store it really was only a matter of time. Presenting John Mayer Challenge (and U2 Challenge) powered by the Simquizitor Engine… More...


From AlphaBattle to San Serif Resort

By: Conor 11. May 2011 17:01
Available from the iOS App Store - AlphaBattle is a retelling of the classic tale - the fight between Turquoise Vowels and Red Consonants. It is also apparently not very good. On the 19th of November 2011 we published a blog post seeking out two brave souls to join our band of thieves in ripped up jeans and help AlphaBattle rule the world. More...


Hello! Hello! Is there anybody in there?

By: Conor 7. May 2011 22:22
Well, we have been mighty quiet for the last few months. Bloggularly quiet that is. In terms of working, playing & all round Redwind shenanigans we have of course been up to our eyes. So this is just a little* catchup on what we've been up to. In some cases written in the first person, in some cases written in the 3rd person, it is an adventure in itself. *little may not be an entirely accurate description. More...


The Great Pizza and Turbo Button Swindle

By: Conor 21. January 2011 15:47
In conversation yesterday, David and I came up with a whole series of blog posts that we plan on putting together over the coming weeks and months. The idea of these posts will be to give you all a little bit more background on us as people, aswell as the company. As corny as it sounds, where we've come from, where we are going.   A little known fact is that David and I have been friends since we were 3 (as of right now, that’s about 25 years). We grew up on the same road in Glasnev... [More]


One name-tag to rule them all...

By: David 7. January 2011 12:10
So, after giving away two iPod nanos over Christmas we decided we'd do a quick post about the wonderful iPod nano name-tags that were seen (and admired) being worn by us at the recent Appy Awards.Check out the video below for a demonstration of the name-tag in action.     So, by now you're wondering, 'how can I have a name-tag as cool as that!?'. Well, it's pretty simple, so here's a step by step how-to: 1. Get some high-res images of your company logo, name, details ... [More]


The Cream. What I Listen To.

By: Conor 14. December 2010 12:51
Things are winding down for Christmas here at Redwind and for the first time in a long long time I found myself genuinely asking the question "What will I do today?". Sure there's been days when we haven't been overly busy or days when we've been on the beer till 6 or 7 in the morning and the only thing we are capable of doing is sleeping. But today is different, it's genuinely not busy and I think we all deserve a nice relaxed few weeks before kicking into what is going to be a big big year for... [More]