The Great Pizza and Turbo Button Swindle

By: Conor 21. January 2011 15:47

In conversation yesterday, David and I came up with a whole series of blog posts that we plan on putting together over the coming weeks and months. The idea of these posts will be to give you all a little bit more background on us as people, aswell as the company. As corny as it sounds, where we've come from, where we are going.


A little known fact is that David and I have been friends since we were 3 (as of right now, that’s about 25 years). We grew up on the same road in Glasnevin and really were introduced to games and computers at much the same time. What was great was that in David’s house you could always find the latest and greatest in computer technology. 

The dates of this are somewhat fuzzy in my mind so you’ll have to excuse the lack of complete historical accuracy here.


Hallowe’en, circa 1997 there were 5 of us in David’s house playing one of my favourite driving games of all time: Ignition. As an aside - this is just a sensational game, why hasn’t it been ported to iOS? We were playing Ignition on what was at the time an absolute kick ass machine... a 386 (maybe a 486?) with a “turbo button”. The game ran great, just as long as the turbo button was pressed. Why would anyone not press the turbo button by the way? Anyone out there who didn’t have it constantly on?





Thinking it would be hilarious we started messing around with the button when one particular guy was playing the game. As soon as he would touch the keyboard one of us would slyly turn off Turbo and the game performance would go to shit. It also, rather conveniently turned out that the guy who we were pranking had ordered a different pizza to the rest of us. We were only about 14 at the time and computers were very much something we didn’t fully understand. The only logical conclusion to be reached (with our ever so subtle hinting) was that there must be something in that one particular pizza causing the issue.






Mr. B (name changed to protect the identity) actually fell for this ridiculous prank. Hook, line and sinker. At one point he even went to the bathroom to wash his hands of any “pizza residue”. Of course, we stopped messing with the turbo button after that... until he ate some more pizza. It went on all night and I’m not sure when (if ever) we ‘fessed up to it being just a wind up. We definitely didn’t on the night, but I’m sure it came out at some point over the years. 


At the time the rest of us could barely contain the tears of laughter that were welling up. Even now thinking back and talking about the story I find it too funny. 


It’s incredible to think how naive Mr. B was about computers, but to be fair I am sure they could just have easily pranked me with the exact same set up.  



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