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By: Conor 7. May 2011 22:22

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Well, we have been mighty quiet for the last few months.

Bloggularly quiet that is. In terms of working, playing & all round Redwind shenanigans we have of course been up to our eyes.

So this is just a little* catchup on what we've been up to. In some cases written in the first person, in some cases written in the 3rd person, it is an adventure in itself.

*little may not be an entirely accurate description.

Growth and more growth.


  • We moved into our new swish premises in The Digital Depot (The Digital Hub) a few months ago.
  • Conor grew a really big beard.
  • Then we moved into a bigger more swish space to accommodate Conor's beard, David's ego and all the new people who have joined our dream team.
  • We grew from a zero Budda Bag operation to a double Budda Bag operation. The days of sitting on office chairs playing Xbox are now but a distant and uncomfortable memory.
  • We grew from a single mini-fridge office to a dual mini-fridge office. With so many extra thirsts to quench this was a vital move for us.


New Redwind Softies / Redwinners

We are extremely lucky and very proud to welcome the following super talented individuals on board the Redwind Express:

  • Kevin Sweeney (aka K-Swizzle, K-Dog, Kevlar, Deirdre). An astute programmer, cocos2d ninja and the man to beat when it comes to FIFA, Kev is working on what will be the most original and unique word game in the iOS App Store when it is released. K-Swizzle is also a fierce proponent of the "Can Do" attitude and is a frequent example to us all in the art of getting shit done.
  • Edward McElroy (aka Princess). Ed is an Industrial Designer studying Industrial Design. Although Ed has not actually designed an industry yet he has designed entire islands, amazing posters and generally blown us away with his incredible artistry and imagination. Potentially the craziest person in the office.
  • Keith Redmond. David and I have both known Keith since primary school and we have a long, storied and checkered history. Amongst Keith's favourite pastimes are living in an alternate reality and making up stories. On the side he is a Grade A developer, programmer and person. Sometimes he can be found working and managing our biggest single project - Project Daredevil.
  • Nagore Uriarte. An absolutely exceptional designer, Nagore is responsible for the Redwind branding, corporate design, web design and plenty more over the last couple of years. So we were delighted to be able to bring her on board to lead the design work on Project Daredevil.


Internet and Games Competitive Start Fund

In February Redwind Software officially became a High Potential Start Up (HPSU) with Enterprise Ireland by winning funding via the Internet and Games Competitive Start Fund (IGCSF). Of over 120 applicants Redwind were one of only 10 companies selected for this prestigious fund.

Check out the official press release here.

Warning: If you consider pictures of David to be NSFW then you should treat this link as NSFW.

As a direct result of this funding we are working on a really exciting project (Project Daredevil) that we hope and believe will change the mobile trivia game space forever. We can't wait to share more details in the near future.

Movie Stars

David and Conor, having once upon a time created and starred in one of the greatest movies to never see the light of day: "Follow Your Instincts" were asked to star in a new ambitious and epic movie about Redwind Software.

Starring Conor Winders as Conor Winders and David McMahon as David McMahon check out this years biggest blockbuster: The Redwind Software Story

Codenames and Posters

What is a project without a codename? We have devised a wonderful superhero themed system for codenaming each of our active projects. Check it!


It also so happens that Eddie McElroy is a bit of a mad genius when it comes to designing posters to go with the projects.

Some highlights:

Project Archangel (Warning! Poster may be offensive to some)


Project Daredevil (Warning! Poster may be offensive to some)


Project Hancock (Warning! Poster may be offensive to some)


Heineken (aka Star Window)


Our relationship with Heineken USA continues to flourish and prosper and we are currently working on app number 14 for the Dutch lager powerhouse. Our most recent release for Heineken The Heineken Light Challenge saw tremendous success and reached number 1 in the United States iPad trivia charts.

Bacardi, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire and more!

Contrary to popular belief, we at Redwind are not merely a one #milkshake band. In fact, we are now working with some of the biggest and tastiest spirit brands in the world.

Here's a little sneaky peaky of Project Huntress - an app for Bacardi USA.


Good Old Fashioned X's & O's

Get ready for an X’s & O’s that’s crazier than a bag of snakes and tougher than a cow's behind!


Kevward's (Kevin and Edward) first iOS release came just a few weeks after they started at Redwind. Check it out here. The boys showed great imagination and a quirky sense of humour in putting their own twist on X's & O's.

Of course we are biased but we do genuinely believe that this is the very best X's and O's game available for iOS.

Now Playing! and #nowplaying for Mac OS X


We have released 2 apps via the Mac App Store: Now Playing! and #nowplaying

Ever have a hankering to post the details of the song you are listening to on your Facebook wall or Twitter stream? Well we made that possible with our iOS apps when you are on the go and now you can do the very same when you are tethered to your desktop or laptop.

No need to thank us, just download both apps.

Coming soon...

We have some really great products in the pipeline and some really exciting developments that we can't talk about just yet. But consider yourself warned and get yourself prepared for a barrage of news and new releases from your favourite iOS games and app development company over the coming months.

XOXO Gossip Girl

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