From AlphaBattle to San Serif Resort

By: Conor 11. May 2011 17:01
Available from the iOS App Store - AlphaBattle is a retelling of the classic tale - the fight between Turquoise Vowels and Red Consonants.

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It is also apparently not very good.

On the 19th of November 2011 we published a blog post seeking out two brave souls to join our band of thieves in ripped up jeans and help AlphaBattle rule the world.

Things started out pretty well. Within no time at all we found ourselves in the enviable position of having a full board covered in post-its. Unconfirmed reports at the time suggested that Eddie & Kev had misunderstood the project brief and begun building a game that was played by slapping post-its onto a board.

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A couple of weeks later we had moved beyond post-its and now had spaceship-cars, weird angry looking people, volcanos, waterfalls and interesting bomb squad uniforms





Suitably impressed and confident that AlphaBattle 2.0 was in good hands and staying true to our original vision David and I applauded and carried on about our daily business...

Fast forward a few more weeks: AlphaBattle 2.0 has been shelved until a later date - sometimes you've just gotta run with the bigger and better ideas and that's what we are doing here

Completely hand drawn by Eddie McElroy.

Programmed to perfection by Kevin Sweeney.

Presenting a first-ish look at "San Serif Resort" a word game set on a remote and tropical island.

"But how do we get to this remote island?", I hear you cry. Why you fly with Redwind Airlines of course:


And how will you find your way around this island? Why we will supply you a map of course:


And don't be afraid to ask Carol the friendly rep for help along the way:


She'll get you started at Spring Lagoon:

Spring lagoon hd

Just don't get on the wrong side of the cranky old mechanic while you're there:


He's one grumpy ol' bastard that guy. He has been known to come along and shut down attractions at the most inopportune times. I would like to take this opportunity to deny the rumours that his personality is based on me.

OK, well I think that's just about enough. Don't want to be giving the whole game away at this point!

I'm off to have some fun at the Raging River Rapids:

Raging river rapids hd

Hope to see you all at San Serif Resort later this summer when we open our doors for business :)


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