Fantasise with us (Win an iPad!)

By: Conor 15. August 2012 15:02

The Redwind Software Fantasy Football League is back!!!


IMG 1403


And just like last year we are going to give away a shiny happy iPad to whomever emerges victorious at the end of what is sure to be a long hard gruelling season...


Runner up prizes may (or may not, depending on stocks) include fancy Redwind branded SWAG, including Redwind underpants.


Redwind swag


Rules are simples. All you have to do is


Best of luck to everyone!


XOXO Gossip Girl


Terms & Conditions

  1. Cully is not allowed win again


Note: Entrants who do not Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook or have not signed up to our Newsletter will be removed from the league.


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