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By: Conor 18. October 2012 17:41

Get to know your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man App Developers.

The Team


In the tech/early stage/start-up community there is one nugget of wisdom that you hear more than any others. Amazingly, it's not "Keep your mini-fridge stocked with Magic Hat #9 at all times", but that the most important thing about your business is the people. For us, this is especially true. Both in terms of their skills and general soundness, we believe we have the best team around.


Magic Hat


My own opinion as a developer is that if you can code in one language, you can code in them all with a little training and some real projects to sink your teeth into. We look for people with skill of course, but ultimately the most important factor in a small team like ours has to be how well that person will fit in and mix with the group. If you follow us on Twitter/Facebook etc or just know us you will probably be aware that we aren't exactly the most "normal" company. We strive to make our environment as enjoyable as possible. We actively encourage our team to have a few beers on a Friday after lunch, to play Xbox and Wii (The FIFA and Mario Kart leagues are very prestigious tournaments with a real trophy and of course major bragging rights up for grabs) whenever they want, to install whatever games they want on their iMacs etc etc. When things are getting hectic and people are getting stressed we might even take a trip to the local go-karting track.


Go karting


The point is, this is a great place to work and the reason we can do these things is because we have great people working here. And when you have great people working in a great environment you produce great work. We work on exciting projects. As I look around our various machines I see projects that genuinely excite me. Without naming too many names (you'll see them all soon enough), I see one of the biggest TV franchises of the last 20 years, I see arguably the most famous gin brand in the world, I see an incredibly exciting math/education/gaming app, I see an TV 15 player game. And that's only a handful of our active developments.


Project List


So, with that all said, we wanted to take this chance to recognise the great team here that make Redwind what Redwind is. (Each picture is perfectly sized for your iPhone 5 if you want to make us your wallpaper ;)



5 karl wallpaper


Karl "Sub" Fetherstonhaugh

Asking for a sub on your first day is a sure way to get a nickname in here. No sooner was Karl in the door than he was looking for a lend of a few quid to go on the beer. Thrown in at the deep end from the start on the two biggest Android projects we've ever done, Sub has been making and breaking Android builds like a trooper. Definitely the worst person in the office at answering the phone.




1 colin wallpaper


Colin "Collywobbles" Pierse

Also known as "Farmer", 'cause he's from Kerry like. What Colin doesn't know about maths isn't worth knowing. Actually, what Colin does know about maths probably isn't worth knowing either. Colin is the ultimate one-project developer, even going so far as to feign sickness when we tried to put him onto a new project a few weeks back. Very fond of randomly adding images called "boo.png" to apps for no apparent reason.




6 kev wallpaper


Kevin "Sprinkles" Sweeney

AKA: K-Swizzle, Hundreds and Thousands, The Don, Mumbles, Kermit

We recently discovered that Kev is a big deal in New Ross. Apparently one of the leading mobsters in the area, he has been terrorising Wexford for years now. Primary responsibility is leading development on original Redwind IP and stepping in when the rest of us make a balls of or fake sickness to get away from our projects. Used to be great at FIFA but it's so long ago now none of us are sure if that really happened.




4 Ian wallpaper


Ian "The Millmount Mouse" Richardson

Bounces between iOS and Android projects like a giant mouse on a trampoline. Discovered in his first week at Redwind that if you are conscious about your ears it's not a great idea to tell us. From not knowing the first thing about Android or iOS development Ian now doesn't know the first thing about Android or iOS development but has still managed to very capably take the lead on a number of massive projects.




7 nagore wallpaper


Nagore "Nago" Uriarte

The person responsible for all of the wonderful avatars you see here, Nago is an amazing artist and designer. Loves to ask "what", rarely understands what anyone (including herself) is saying and frequently says "Wwwweeeeeeee" after sneezing. The best in the office at Mario Kart. From the Basque Country, not to be confused with Spain, the real country, Nagore has been doing work with Redwind since we first came into existence. @nagore_uriarte



2 conor iphone5 wallpaper 3 david wallpaper


David "Kippo" McMahon & Conor "The Nose" Winders

The two founders. One does design, the other programming. Nobody really knows which is which. Both grew up on the same street and look suspiciously like the local milkman.

@maxcalibre @ConorWinders



8 arthur wallpaper


Arthur "Snowy" Winders

The real brains behind the operation.



Honourable mentions to former Redwinners Keith Redmond, Neil Delaney & Eddie McElroy

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