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By: Conor 31. October 2012 09:24
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On his last day at Redwind, we wanted to take a quick minute and wish Ian Richardson all the best for the future. Almost an exact year since joining Redwind as a JobBridge intern, we hope that he has gotten as much out of our company as our company has gotten out of him.


When he told us a month ago of his plans to move on and out to San Francisco my first thought was "Oh shit, balls, fuck.", which I think might be one of the bigger compliments I've payed somebody in a while.


I had planned on writing this post as something of a very public reference for Ian to use when looking for work but unsurprisingly he is already set up with a great new job for when he arrives. As per my previous post, the most important thing in a great company is the great people and we are saying goodbye to one of those.


Ian started in Redwind with zero experience in iOS development and referring to his iPod touch as his iTouch.


His CV listed things like:
  • I am an avid music listener
  • I like swimming
  • I like general fiction and biographies


In his relatively short time at Redwind he integrated himself exceptionally well with the team and showed one of the best work ethics I have ever seen in my own career. Every task he was given was met with either "Yep, no problem" or "No worries, I'll figure it out". Over the Christmas period last year whilst still a JobBridge intern, Ian made himself available over the holidays to help out on a number of projects we found ourselves in the shits with. That level of dedication, hard work and enthusiasm is very hard to find and is one of the reasons we knew very early on that we would make him a full time employee as soon as we could.


A year after starting at Redwind with no iOS experience and no commercial Android experience Ian leaves with quite the portfolio of apps to put in his résumé. The below is just a small sample of what Ian has worked on while here.


His CV lists things like:
  • L'Oréal INOA Colour Capture for iOS & Android
  • Paddy Power Bingo Home Free Hotline for iOS & Android
  • Paddy Power Countdown to Cheltenham
  • Heineken Light Challenge
  • Heineken Photo Voyage
  • Heineken Holiday App
  • Dos Equis Cinco
  • Dos Equis Academy
  • Name That Movie™
  • SONI Live-View
  • EirGrid EastWest Interconnector
  • Draw-It, Push-It
  • Deal or No Deal for iPhone, iPad & Android
  • Numerosity: Play with Math!


Dos Equis Cinco


Name That Movie™


Heineken Photo Voyage


Dos Equis Academy


Paddy Power Bingo


INOA Colour Capture


Countdown to Cheltenham


Draw-It, Push-It


Numerosity 1


DoND iPhone Home 2


So, the very best of luck Ian, you'll do fantastically well out there.


Keep in touch.


All at Redwind
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