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By: Conor 8. November 2012 14:28
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Today is a big day here at Redwind with the full launch of Deal or No Deal, bringing to market months and months of blood, sweat and tears, a whole bucket full of graphic design and not a few lines of expertly written code.


But before that…



Last week saw the release of the app for iOS which was almost a year in the making. With being one of our favourite websites in the office here it was a pleasure to work on what is a beautiful, slick and super fast news app that is spilling over with "Man Stuff". Jaysus, that doesn't sound great actually, so before I say anything else that could be misconstrued here is the link, download it now for FREE!


Numerosity: Play With Math!



Developed with ThoughtBox this is one of the best things we have ever made. An amazing and fun app to help kids (and @redwindsoft) learn all about math. An incredibly complex game and math engine are wrapped up in a delightful and fun interface and brought to life by Skruff, a streetwise dog with a naughty edge (sharing many traits with our own Arthur). This is a truly great app that we are so proud to have worked on, it is an example we believe of the future of education. Download it here for FREE, and while you're at it, go follow ThoughtBoxEd on twitter and like ThoughtBox on Facebook!


And now to…


Deal or No Deal - Real Money Casino Game for iPad, iPhone and Android by Paddy Power.

DoND iPhone Home


Ever watched Deal or No Deal and wished you could play yourself? Of course you have and now you can. But unlike any other Deal or No Deal app, this version lets you play for real money using your Paddy Power account so you can literally beat the banker/bookmaker. We've been working our plump little rumps off on this game for months now and it's a huge achievement and honour for us to be associated with it. This is the official Deal or No Deal app, developed by Redwind Software and is an Endemol Games Production in partnership with Paddy Power.


What more is there to say, it's Deal or No Deal, on your mobile device and for real cash cash money. So go download it now for FREE and earn yourself some fat stacks and serious cheddar.


And for those of you interested in such things, here's a little look at Deal or No Deal's evolution from first week to release :)



DoND iPad First Interface Builder


Bare bones game screen with 26 buttons



DoND iPad First Bankers Offer


The Banker is on the blower



DoND iPad Xcode


Xcode project and beginning to strip back and refine the game screen



DoND iPad Second Bankers Offer


Bankers offer with wrong fonts and colours and a lovely "Done" button for shortcuts/test harness



DoND iPad Old Euro Menu


Begin lighting effects work and the old fugly € pull down menu



DoND iPad Small Lucky 13


Lucky, but tiny number 13



DoND iPad Hayden


Lucky Hayden and refined prettier pull down menu



DoND iPhone Home Screen


Being the iPhone home screen xib



DoND iPhone Stake Screen


iPad Stake screen on an iPhone… needs a little adjusting



DoND Android Select Stake


Finished Android stake screen, so much fun making it work on all devices...



DoND Android Cheque


Twelve euro and 46 cent winning on Android. Not bad


And that's that, go get the game, enjoy it and good luck! :)
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